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About Pinnacle Neelanchal

"A home is not just four walls and a roof it is much more. It's a place far from the madding crowd. Where relationships don't get left behind in the rush to get ahead. Where children grow nourished by love and sunshine. Home is where the elderly never feel the chill of loneliness. Where the lap of nature is just hopped, skip and jump away. Home is where the loved ones are safe and happy; They are every need taken care of. Homes are not built with just bricks and mortar. They are built with thought and attention too.

A well designed TROPICAL FOREST parallel to the big development of 10 residential towers. A lush green outing space with camping sites, forest trails, bonfire, casual seating areas and huge trees covering most of the entire area. Gives you the feeling of being at home built in the lap of nature.

Neelanchal is a unique residential development consisting of 10 towers. Will be developed in 3 phases.

Phase 1 consists of 2 towers of 12 floors each, which is a combination of 2 BHK compact flats and 2 BHK large flats. Includes tropical forest with camping sites and adequate parking space.

Phase 2 consists of 2 towers of 12 Floors each, 1st tower consists of 1 BHK and 2nd tower consists of 3 BHK flats while Phase 3 is in planning yet Each building overlooks an open space with facilities like Senior Citizen's garden, Children's play area, swimming pool, tennis court, jogging track and dedicated space for performing arts.